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Bachelor in Fashion Design

The Bachelor in Fashion Design Creation Course will delve into the areas of women's wear, men's wear, lingerie, kids wear and Fashion Accessories - covering the whole spectrum.

What We Offer?

The strong points of the 3 year programme:

A Syllabus that associates both creativity and business: preparing people to work in Fashion has to combine all the needs of an artistic career without forgetting they are craftsmen working for the Fashion business world. The programme includes creative workshops, theoretical courses, case studies plus meeting with professionals thus initiating students in the specificities of Fashion related careers.

A fashion school that prepares students for the different careers open to designers: a designer must know about and deal with the different facets of his trade, at the same time as creating cloths he must take in to account the way the cloths are made up and finally sold. The profession works both with the luxury and retail side of the trade, for women's fashion, men's , children's, lingerie and the huge accessory market. This wide sphere is dealt with throughout the 3 year programme.

A fashion school that initiates all students in pattern making: a designer is not a pattern maker but he should know all the technical requirements of making up his garments. (draping or flat cutting) on one side in order to communicate with the dressmakers preparing his collections but also to be able to use his pattern making knowledge to create shapes, use fabrics just as much as knowing how to sketch his models.

Fee Details

Registration Fee : Rs 250,000/=
Monthly Fee : Rs 50,000/= * 36 Months
Examination Fee : Rs 200,000/=
French Language Study : Rs 60,000/=
Paris Tour (1 time only) : Rs 400,000/=

International Students

Enrolment Fee : € 2500
Course Fee : Per year € 6000
Examiniation Fee : € 1500 (to be paid at the beginnig of the 3rd year)
Paris Tour (1 time only) : € 2750 (to be paid in the beginning of 2nd year)
French Language Study : € 400